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Eline Tommelein, Professor farmacologie VUB, PharmD, LC

Courante psychofarmaca in zwangerschap en borstvoeding


Tijdens de zwangerschap of borstvoedingsperiode kan het noodzakelijk zijn gebruik te maken van psychofarmaca. We verstaan hieronder de antidepressiva, de antipsychotica, slaap- of kalmeringsmiddelen en de stimulantia. Een brede waaier aan geneesmiddelen dus, waar niet altijd eenduidige informatie over terug te vinden is. Ook is naar veel producten geen onderzoek gebeurd. In deze lezing maken we je wegwijs in deze wereld.



Doctor in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Oprichter Medicourse , www.medicourse.be
Lactation Consultant
Auditor Books:Van melk naar vaste voeding, Borstvoeding,

In 2013, I started teaching pharmacology and pharmacotherapy in the Bachelor of Science for Midwifery (VIVES – Kortrijk) as well as in the post-academical course organized by the Flemish Midwives Organization (VBOV). This is a specialty course for midwives to obtain the degree of Prescribing Midwife. Since 2018, I also teach this course at the Karel De Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp.

After completing the Clinical Chemistry Cycle in the Netherlands, I started teaching “laboratory data for first-line healthcare” at the Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Care at Ghent University. This class includes various topics, with a personal specialty in anaemia, dose adjustments in renal insufficiency and point-of-care/home testing. At the Free University of Brussels, I teach a class on medication review in the final year of the Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Care. During this course we give special attention to implementation strategies to complete this process. During the academic year of 2018-2019, I developed and counselled a new interdisciplinary course at the Ghent University. In de Bachelor of Science of Pharmaceutical Sciences, we introduced a new learning path together with the food and dietetics (Hogeschool Gent).

I am currently part of a project by the Belgian Centre of Pharmacotherapeutic Information, commissioned by the Belgian government. In this project we develop standard dosing strategies for general practitioners and pharmacist to improve rational drug use. Besides, I am an active member of a working group on medication review to implement this service in the Belgian healthcare setting.

 Since 2018 I have been a member of the working group "Nutrition in the early years of life" of the Flemish Professional Organization of Midwives. Together with midwives, pediatricians and dietitians, we set up campaigns to give infants the best start in life from an early age. In 2019, the first two manuals I wrote about this theme were also published in this context: Bottle feeding & Breastfeeding. These handbooks will be used at various universities of applied sciences from the 2019 - 2020 academic year. Care providers working in the practice can also purchase these practice-oriented handbooks to support their practice.