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Joke Muyldermans, MW, MSc, IBCLC

Ready made educational breastfeeding material to improve parental education and empower parents


Joke Muyldermans Graduated as a Midwife in 2006 and graduated as a Master in Midwifery in 2008. She
obtained the IBCLC lactation consultant degree in 2011(recertificated in 2016) and graduated in specialized applied pharmacology in 2015.
She has a lot of experience as midwife and lactation consultant in primary care, lecturer, head editor, president and treasurer of the Flemish Organisation of Midwives. Since May 2020 she is a board member of ELACTA.
Due to a shortage of ready made educational breastfeeding material, she and some collagues have delved into health
promotion to adults about breastfeeding. Next to that Joke has a specific interest in nipple problems in the
postpartum period.

Presentation abstract

There is a lack of correct, similar and evidence-based information about breastfeeding in primary care and hospital settings. According to mothers, the most difficult thing about breastfeeding are the many contradictory advice. Literature shows there is a clear link between positive breastfeeding figures and the fact that mothers received prenatal education.
A lot of research as been done on the effect of prenatal preparation, but not on the quality of information, the used methods and material. Adults learn best with a combination of three methods, explanation, the use of visual material and practical exercises.
Ready-made educational packages for giving a prenatal workshop, information session or to be used during the prenatal or postnatal consultation need to meet the needs parents that appears from the literature. A realistic picture of breastfeeding need to be given in a fresh,
timeless way. The educational material also need be used during consultations where language is a problem due to its clear images and few words.A variety of material and
methods, like pictures and movies, interaction and explanation, need to be done.