14 mei tot 14 juli 2020 -Elacta online conference

"Networking for breastfeeding"



Date: 14 May – 14 July 2020  - “Networking for breastfeeding”

ELACTA in cooperation with iLactation

Program (preliminary)

Amy Brown - Creating a supportive environment for BF mothers
Márta Guoth Gumberger -  Not enough milk
Mieke Saras -  Babyconsciousness, birth and BF
Heike Wolter -  White tears
Maite Aguillar -  Rationale and evidence for the new 10 Steps to successful BF (BFHI)
Maya Bolman -  The art of therapeutic of breast massage
Carole Herve -  Could BF help prevent and overcome Sensory Food Aversion
Gina Weissman -  Preventing dental caries in BF toddlers

Lyndsey Hookway -  Sleeptraining
Helen Crawley - Health workers, breast milk substitution and the BMS industry (movie)
Kathie Marinelli - Covid19
Dale Hansson - Tongue Tie


For every presentation, 0,75 cerps are planned; the movie 0,25 cerp.

So the total will be estimated minimal 8,5 cerps .


iLactation has supported us creating an online version of our 11th conference “NETWORKING FOR BREASTFEEDING”.

To register, please follow this LINK !

Entrance fees

Participants for the online conference are offered a special price due to the emergent situation in the world and cancellation of our LIVE conference in Milan, Italy.

The price is 80 Euros for everyone and will be paid to iLactation.